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Friday, September 3, 2010

SDExplorer Pro

Friday, September 3, 2010
SDExplorer Pro

This application is able to map your SkyDrive account as a regular Windows drive

SDExplorer Pro is an easy-to-use yet powerful extension for Windows Explorer. With SDExplorer Pro you can make any every-day operations with your documents from Microsoft Live SkyDrive service using Windows Explorer, as if they were on your computer.

Moreover you don't need to install and configure any additional programs or ActiveX components. SDExplorer Pro will organize the interaction with the online storage itself.

To start work and open the session, you must enter the Windows Live credential into the logon dialog. Work session is active until the reboot or forced logout from SDExplorer Pro, which can be made by clicking Logout command in the toolbar. During the session the credentials are not requested again.

Here are some key features of "SDExplorer Pro":

· SDExplorer allows bulk operations with files and folders. Such functionality is not available through a web browser. This increases the speed with which you can work on SkyDrive. Examples of bulk operations are: Renaming objects, Deleting objects, Copying folders with files and subfolders, Changing folder share types.

· You don't need to know how to work with the SkyDrive service through your web browser. To work effectively with your data in SDExplorer, just perform the basic file and folder operations in Windows Explorer.

· SDExplorer uses the standard Microsoft library for working with Windows Live ID services. Your personal information does not leave this library and is not even passed to the SDExplorer engine. Additionally, all of your online storage-related traffic is transmitted using the HTTPS protocol, protecting your data from snoopers.


· 3 days trial
What's New in This Release

· The new version, SDExplorer 2.1 Pro, supports mounting SkyDrive folders as network devices, complete with drive letter assignment.

Note the following restrictions when working with mapped folders:
· SDExplorer does not mount your SkyDrive account in its entirety: each root folder is mounted as a separate disk.
· SDExplorer supports mounting only SkyDrive folders whose contents type is "Documents"
· Large files (over 50 MB) are not supported within the mapped drive.
· Working with mounted disks is not fast.
· On some PCs with Windows XP installed, files are not copied correctly from the mounted drive.
· Some characters in filenames are converted by Microsoft's servers internally. For example, _ tranforms to ^_, & to ^0, ( to ^5, etc. You need to take it into account when you plan to use mapped drive for backup.

· The most worthwhile option is to use such a mapped disk with third-party programs for data synchronization and backup utilities in background mode. For full-fledged use of the ...


License / Price:

Size / OS:

Last Updated:
Trial / USD 13.75
1.7 MB / Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / 7
September 3rd, 2010

Download: SDExplorer Pro


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