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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Image Copyrighter Pro 2.0.0

Thursday, September 2, 2010
Image Copyrighter Pro 2.0.0

Digitally sign your work

Worried that someone may be using an image or photo that belongs to you? Well worry no more, with Image Copyright Pro you can digitally sign your work storing your information into the image where only you will know where it is. How is Image Copyright Pro doing what you ask?

Well, you provide some basic details about your image or photo as well as your copyright information and Image Copyright Pro will encode that information into the image as metadata and now that information becomes part of the image or photo. If that is not enough, you can also watermark your images with either text and/or a logo.

You can place your watermark anywhere on the image, change the font style, color, size, underline, italicize, bold and many more options. It's up to you how you wish to customize it. Once you're ready to copyright your work use the preview button to see how it will look before you save any changes. But don't worry, the program asks you where you want to save the copyrighted work so your originals never get changed.
Here are some key features of "Image Copyrighter Pro":

· Ability to modify a single image or multiple images
· Supports JPG images
· Supports GIF Images
· Supports PNG Images
· Set Artist / Photographer information
· Set Copyright Information
· Set image description
· Set file name
· Set image title
· Set Date/Time information
· Set Equipment Make
· Set Equipment Model
· Will not overwrite existing settings if no attribute values are provided
· Watch your images get processed


· Pentium 3 800MHz / AMD Athlon 1GHz or better processor
· At least 512MB of memory
· 3MB hard drive space for program
· 64Bit Operating Systems are only supported if you contact us for a 64Bit release


· Predefined copyright on output image files

Download: Image Copyrighter Pro 2.0.0


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