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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Photoupz 1.3

Tuesday, December 7, 2010
Photoupz is an easy to use app for improving your images. Photoupz:

* Can help you fix your photos
* Is built with powerful algorithms
* Doesn't require any expert skills
* Runs on your Windows PC or laptop
* Can edit your photos from a digital camera or smartphone

Photoupz can improve your pictures:

* Magically inpaint unwanted parts of the image
* Remove tourists from your photos
* Erase wrinkles
* Sharpen blurry images
* Remove noise
* Improve low quality photos
* Brighten dark photos

Remove unwanted image parts

* Simply mark the unwanted image parts with a brush and Photoupz will inpaint the area using the neighbouring texture
* Remove logos, watermarks or text from images
* Get rid of image objects, pedestrians, skin rashes, wrinkles

Sharpen your photos

* Sharpen the edges on your pictures
* Increase focus on blurry images
* Improve the contour details in your photos

Remove noise

* Reduce image noise
* Polish skin on your facial photos
* Get rid of visual artifacts on low quality pictures
* Remove JPEG artifacts
* Improve the low quality CCTV camera images

Improve image brightness

* Increase brightness in dark photos
* Fix the lighting for under-exposed photos


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