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Sunday, December 19, 2010

CleanMem 1.6.3

Sunday, December 19, 2010
The program will install and set it to run every 30 min via the windows task scheduler. Install it and your done! The program doesn't run in the back ground, once it does its job it closes and doesn't run again until the task scheduler runs it. The CleanMem application was designed to be a very simple to operate as it will run and clean the memory out of all processes it can, without any user input. Some anti viruses and such protect their processes so of course cleanmem can't touch those. This doesn't work like other memory cleaners that do nothing but force windows to free up memory by using up all the avail. memory.

This old trick then causes your system to lag big time! Perhaps the best way to describe CleanMem is user control on garbage collection for your system.

  • Developer : PCWinTech 
  • Free
  • Download ( 0.88 MB  )


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