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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mandelbulber 0.96

Wednesday, November 17, 2010
Mandelbulber is an easy to use, handy but experimental application designed to help you render 3D Mandelbrot fractals called Mandelbulb and some other kind of 3D fractals like Mandelbox, Bulbbox, Juliabulb, Menger Sponge.


  • Rendering of trygonometric, hypercomplex, mandelbox and IFS 3D fractals
  • GUI in GTK+ environment
  • complex 3D shading: hard shadows, ambiend occlusion, Depth of Field, etc.
  • unlimited image resolution on 64-bit systems
  • program compiled for x86 and x64 CPUs
  • simple 3D navigator
  • key-frame animation of all parameters

What´s New in version 0.96:

  • added 3 new mandelbulb-like formulas
  • fixed bug: spherical fording used wrong parameters
  • fixed bug: when IFS folding mode was activated, there was not possible to set IFS parameters
  • fixed big: rendering of Flight animation didn't working - wrong calculation of last frame number

Size : 6.69MB
Publisher : Visit Website
OS : Windows XP/Vista/7
Download Now


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