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Sunday, October 24, 2010

IntraMessenger Download

Sunday, October 24, 2010

IntraMessenger screenshot 1 - The main window of IntraMessenger will allow you to access all the main functions of the application and start chatting in no time.

Instant Messenger at office (for LAN or internet) - server PHP/MySQL

IntraMessenger is a useful instant messaging tool.

Instant Messaging (chat) in enterprise, with local networks (LAN) or internet for effective intra-office communication.

Here are some key features of "IntraMessenger":

· Server is PHP/MySQL (opensource), make easy for the administrator to choise all options, for display, contact manage, lock...
· Can force nickname to Windows username or let users choise by themself.
· Can force or not user to use password, limit (or not) maximum simultaneous users, online users, contacts numbers...
· Can be public or locked by password.
· Can ban usernames and censure words (replaced by '...').
· Can (if necessary) hiearchic users management : can add to contact only lower or equal level users.
· No file transfer, no VoIP, no webcam, only safety and easy chat.

Download IntraMessenger


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