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Monday, October 25, 2010

Internet Explorer 9 9.0.7930.16406 Beta

Monday, October 25, 2010

Internet Explorer 9 9.0.7930.16406 Beta

Play in a more beautiful web. The improvements to Internet Explorer are as much about what you don't see as what you do see. Internet Explorer 9 has a streamlined design, fewer dialog boxes to click through, more intuitive navigation, and many new features that speed up your web browsing experience.

Additionally, this new browser is programmed to use your GPU much better: IE9 uses your computer's GPU to enhance hardware scalable vector graphics (SVG), javascript performance, and HTML5 performance. Which is a great thing, considering the natural, slow development of more and more graphic intensive websites as the WWW matures.

Windows Internet Explorer (formerly Microsoft Internet Explorer; commonly abbreviated to IE), is a series of graphical web browsers developed by Microsoft and included as part of the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems starting in 1995. It has been the most widely used web browser since 1999, attaining a peak of about 95% usage share during 2002 and 2003 with IE5 and IE6.

For Microsoft, the arrival of IE9 is an attempt to compete more fully with Mozilla's Firefox, Google's Chrome, and other browsers. Although various flavors of Internet Explorer are still used for one in three Web site visits, Microsoft has been losing share for years as rivals have moved ahead technically.

With IE9, Microsoft is trying to change that, while also bringing more of Windows 7's capabilities to the browser. The new browser allows users to pin a Web site to the Windows 7 taskbar, much as a user can do already with applications. Sites that are pinned in this fashion can then program "jumplists" that allow surfers to quickly move through various parts of the Web site.

You should consider downloading the Internet Explorer 9 Beta if all of the following apply to you:
• You like to use the latest software and enjoy experimenting with new technology.
• You feel comfortable troubleshooting computer problems yourself.
• You don't mind updating software frequently.

You might want to wait for the final release of Internet Explorer 9 Beta if either of the following apply to you:
• You prefer to install software once, and don't want to mess with it again.
• You get frustrated if software doesn't always behave as you expect it to.

Internet Explorer 9 Features:
• Hardware-accelerated text, video, and graphics: The new graphic capabilities and improved performance in Internet Explorer 9 set the stage for immersive and rich experiences.
• New Tab page: Internet Explorer 9 surfaces the websites you love most and puts them one click away. Once you're in the browser, the New Tab page helps get you started browsing quickly, providing meaningful suggestions and information to help you decide what to do next as you browse.
• Notification Bar: Notifications in Internet Explorer 9 allow for more fluid and faster browsing. Instead of dialog boxes popping up unexpectedly and getting in your way, all notification messages are consolidated in the Notification Bar, located at the bottom of the browser frame.
• Pinned Sites: With Pinned Sites, you can get to your favorite sites directly from the Windows taskbar—without having to open Internet Explorer first.
• Tear-off tabs: Tear-off tabs make interacting with multiple sites fast and intuitive. You can rearrange tabs within Internet Explorer 9—just like you can rearrange icons in the taskbar in Windows 7—or you can open any tab in a new browser window by dragging that tab to your desktop.
• Focused on your websites: Designed based on what you use most, the navigational controls in Internet Explorer 9 are streamlined and simplified. The back button is larger, the address bar and search box are combined into one new address bar, and the multiple menus from previous versions of Internet Explorer are consolidated into a single menu.
• Cross-site scripting filter: Cross-site scripting attacks are a leading online threat. Their aim is to exploit vulnerabilities in the websites you visit. How do they work? By compromising legitimate websites with malicious content that can capture keystrokes and record your login information and password. If your login information and password is captured, your personal data could be compromised.
• Domain highlighting: One way to avoid deceptive websites is to know the address of the website you're intending to visit. With domain highlighting, Internet Explorer 9 lets you see the true web address at a glance by highlighting the domain name in the address bar, making it easier for you to identify the sites you visit.

Internet Explorer 9 requires Windows 7 (x86 or x64) or Windows Vista SP2 (x86 or x64).

What's new in Internet Explorer 9 1.9.7916.6000:
Web Platform. Features Available:
- DOMException objects
- Thrown by various DOM APIs according to the W3C DOM specs and HTML5.
- “Constant” properties of the W3C DOM Standards
- DOM constructor objects and prototypes now include the “const” properties described in the W3C specs
- Updated DOM prototype hierarchy
- Changes align IE9 standards mode with W3C standards, and include the addition of the “Node” object (and others described in DOM L2 Core), as well as changes and revisions to Node-derived objects such as “Comment”.
- Note that the “HTMLDocument” constructor object has been removed as per the current HTML5 draft standard.
Features Partially Implemented:
- Canvas
- globalCompositeOperation
- The latest Platform Preview does not include support for the globalCompositeOperation attribute.
- DOM Exceptions
- The latest Platform Preview does not include support for Canvas 2D Context DOM Exceptions.
- drawFocusRing()
- The latest Platform Preview does not include support for the drawFocusRing() Focus management API.
- CSS3 Fonts
- font-size-adjust and advanced font features are not supported
Developer Tools. Features Available :
- Searching in the Network Capture tool

Size: 18.9 MB


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