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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Download Panda Platinum

Saturday, October 16, 2010
Panda Platinum Publisher's Description:
Panda Antivirus Platinum is the complete solution that businesses and professionals need to protect against viruses and hackers. Install it and enjoy completely automatic protection with the very latest antivirus and firewall technologies
Its unique technology works at Winsock level, which means that it is capable of detecting any Internet virus BEFORE it gets to the hard disk. It can eliminate over 63,000 viruses, malicious Java applets, ActiveX applications, Internet, e-mail, attached files and other security threats such as Trojans.

Panda Antivirus Platinum scans and disinfects with the utmost effectiveness, eliminating viruses wherever they might be, while at the same time fully respecting the integrity of your data. It not only protects you from the entry of viruses but also prevents them from getting out and infecting other users.

It combines ease of use with power. Its state-of-the-art interface, ample variety of configurable options, the countless actions it performs automatically, centralized management, the numerous languages it is available in... All these features do away with the idea once and for all that antiviruses are complicated and hard to handle.

The product comes with an unparalleled suite of additional services,because we believe that an antivirus without services is a dead antivirus. That's what keeps Panda Antivirus Platinum alive. Because it includes Intelligent Updates (Automatic Daily Updates of the virus signature file), Intelligent Upgrades (Access to software enhancements via the Internet).

Last Updated: Thu May 10 2007
License: Shareware
Price/Registration Fee: $ 29.95
File size: 28.3
Operating System: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP
Company: Panda Software

Download :
Panda Platinum


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