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Friday, October 15, 2010

Download Flair Finance 2.42

Friday, October 15, 2010
Flair Finance 2.42

Reinvent the way you manage your personal finances

Flair Finance is a personal finance software that makes it so much easier to track your income and expenses. The application is very intuitive and simple in use.

Do your daily personal accounting in a few minutes. Manage your finances more efficiently. Optimize your expenses.

Build your personal or family budget in no time. Plan your income, expenses, and savings wisely.

Use easy-to-understand visual reports for analyzing
your finances.

Take pleasure in meeting your personal or family budget and puting aside some money for a rainy day!

Use the opportunity to make the process of money management interesting and even exciting!

Why should I use Flair Finance?

* To build your nest egg more wisely.
* To make your earnings more transparent to you.
* To make the planning of your spending as easy as ABC.
* To keep your spending in check.
* To keep track of your budget at all times.
* To coordinate the financial matters of your family members.
* To plan your financial activities.

Date Add
October 14, 2010

Price And Size
MB 2.7 Free to try Shareware $24.95 to buy

Program Informations
Developer Elegance Software, Inc



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