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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ATI Tray Tools Beta

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ATI Tray Tools Beta

ATI Tray Tools is a Full Featured Radeon Tweaker that can be found in the windows tray which then allows instant access to options and settings. This tool is developed by Ray Adams.

You can change anisotropic filtering + antialiasing levels in Direct3D and OpenGL, adjust image quality, turn on/off special driver features, or simply just fool around with clock settings (core and memory speeds). It uses minimal system resources and isn't intrusive. Quite handy and quite a small download. Just click the executable and you are good to go.

Supported OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP (including 64 bit version), Windows 2003 (including 64 bit version).

Software highlights:
• Support for ATI Control Center
• Support for TV Out and displays with profiles
• Options to change Theater mode together with TV Out
• Overclocking with templates including FAN Control
• Automatic Overclocking when application required 3D mode
• Temperature monitoring
• Artifact Tester with ability to find maximum stable clocks for GPU and Memory.
Game profiles with desktop shortcut creation.
• Direct3D settings with templates, GUI form and tray popup menu
• OpenGL settings with templates, GUI form and tray popup menu
• Hardware low level color correction
• Hardware tweaks. Setting PCI latency timer
• Radeon Information Show information about memory type, active rendering pipe lines and more
• System wide Hot Keys. (Load profiles any profiles/work with colors/run any application)
• Refresh Lock system with ability to set separate refresh rates for each resolution.
• Tweak for overriding Pixel and Vertex Shaders
• Speed improvement tweaks for Anisotropic/Trilinear Filtering. Support for Catalyst A.I.
• Support for system options, VPU Recover, DMA Copy and so on
• Support Display Rotation.
• Support for MMC applications
• Support for HYDRAVISION applications
• Monitoring Graphs. (GPU/Env temperature. GPU/Mem speed, Main CPU Usage).
• Unique OnScreen Display module with ability to show information about speed and temperature. Support Plugins API.
• A lot of useful things. Like Save/Restore Desktop icon positions and more
• Audio Recorder
• Screenshots system
• Powerful Plug-Ins support. (API for VC++/Delphi included)
• PCI Register Set. Allow to program any registers in any PCI device at start up time. For advanced users only!
• Source code for plugins as examples.
• Shared memory allow other application to retrieve information about clocks, temperatures and general 3D settings.

Size: 1.92 MB

Download Beta

Download Final

Plugins collection


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