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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ape Free

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ape Free screenshot 1 - Ape Free will emulate Apache on an IIS server.

An apache emulator for IIS 7

Ape Free is an easy-to-use apache emulator for the IIS 7 server. It implements htaccess configurations inside IIS.

Here are some key features of "Ape Free":

Ape Free includes:
· mod_rewrite
· mod_proxy
· mod_auth
· mod_gzip
· mod_headers
· mod_cache
· mod_expires
· mod_developer
· mod_replace
· mod_so
· mod_speling
· mod_usertrack
· powerful Apache-compatible URL rewriting
· compatible with Apache modules configuration
· extensive forward and reverse proxy instruments
· comprehensive authorization capabilities not bound to Windows accounts
· flexible and powerful content compression functions
· all-round HTTP-level web developer toolset
· lighting fast server and client cache features
· hotlink (content leeching) protection
· Search Engine Optimization functions
· on-the-fly content altering.
· users can move their Apache web sites to IIS without modification
· user-friendly interface and plain text configurations (no XML!)
· unprecedented compatibility with PHP-based applications
· per-site installation without hosting administration involvement/assistance
· current PHP and many other Unix-style web applications can be easily configured for IIS
· flexible user permissions control (as they are implemented in Apache)
· reverse and forward proxy features available for your web server
· low level controls over web site behavior, optimization, security and performance
· protection from DOS and injection attacks.


· IIS 7

Ape Free


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