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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Album Cover Finder

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

 Album Cover Finder

Find artwork for your iTunes music collection.

Album Cover Finder is a fun and easy way to search for album artwork and track listings.

Simply type in the artist and album and Album Cover Finder does the rest.

Here are some key features of "Album Cover Finder":

Automatically Add a Lot More Artwork to Your Entire iTunes Music Library:
· Just choose the size of artwork you want and Album Cover Finder quickly adds the correct album covers directly to your music files. Sync with iTunes:
· Find artwork and other information based on what is currently playing in iTunes. If iTunes is missing the artwork for the album, Album Cover Finder can automatically add the missing artwork to your music files.

Search by Artist, Album, or Song Title:
· Enter as much or as little info as you have and Album Cover Finder will find the best matches available.

Enjoy Your Music More:
· Read album reviews and artist bios, watch videos, check concert schedules, or just enjoy a screen full of album artwork!

Improve Results with Region Specific Searches:
· Access to multiple databases (USA, UK, JP, FR, DE, or CA) to fine tune searches for the best results.


· iTunes


· The features available in the free version are limited to manual artist and
· album searching.

Album Cover Finder [6.3 MB]


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