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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nomad.NET RC

Saturday, September 11, 2010
Nomad.NET RC

Nomad.NET is the successor of Nomad, a powerful file manager written a couple of years ago. It is completely rewritten using best ideas and algorithms and implementing everything in a completely new way. It has almost all features required by modern file manages and several unique ones. All this features packed with easy and clean UI.


  • One of the most powerful search engines on market (if I can say market, project is freeware). You can create very complex search rules, with ability to search in different encoding (complete encodings auto detect), use IFilter filters, apply custom text search rules (including regular expressions), search in hex, duplicates search and so on… For novices there is a simplified search that is not so scary at first sight.
  • Powerful filtering system, based on the same core as search. You can use dedicated advanced filter dialog, or use simple toolstrip for quick filtering.
  • Folder shortcuts were implemented in much more simple way that its predecessor.
  • Much simpler, elegant and polished UI (program must look nice, right?) with support of themes, different toolstrip renderers and so on…
  • Program layout was changed, too. You can use single panel or dual panel mode (horizontal or vertical). Each panel can have its own tree view that can be hidden or displayed horizontally or vertically.
  • UI can simple scale according to your current system DPI settings, or manually (through Options).
  • New breadcrumb folder toolstrip on every panel is much more powerful than simple folder name.
  • Internal support for more archive types (using 7-Zip libraries). Program can also handle WCX Total Commander plug-in, even in more powerful way than Total Commander did. Currently only extracting is supported, no ability to create or modify them.
  • FTP folders support added (with limitations yet, for example, only one http proxy allowed with no UI to configure).
  • Many things were done more correctly - drag´n´drop from explorer, clipboard handling, shell file menus and so on.
  • Support for shell shortcuts, url shortcuts (ftp only) and even shell folder shortcuts (rarely supported in other file managers).

Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

What’s New in version RC:

  • Do not show worker dialog if operation takes less than 500ms
  • Local file system folders browsing speed improved by ~15 percent
  • TagLib# updated to version
  • Bugfix: Memory leak in Vista thumbnail provider eliminated
  • Bugfix: Exception on bookmark right click, when bookmark is located in subfolder
  • Bugfix: Very small bug with removing buttons from toolbar by context menu fixed
  • Bugfix: Sometimes wrong path displayed in “look in” box after search dialog opened
  • Bugfix: Path entered with ‘/’ instead of ‘´ now handled correctly
  • Bugfix: Shortcuts with Alt can no longer execute while any modal dialog opened
  • Bugfix: Some shortcut keys combinations cannot be entered in hot key boxes
  • Bug #147 fixed again (Rare exception when deleting one file on very fast machine)
  • Bug #157 fixed (Very rare threading issue when opening archive on machine with 4 cores)
  • Bug #158 fixed (Drop-down menus with folders on breadcrumb panel sometimes closing unexpectedly)

File Size: 2.31MB
Download: nomad-net_2_8_7_1685_RC.zip


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