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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mobile DTV Viewer for DVB

Thursday, September 2, 2010
Mobile DTV Viewer for DVB

Watch Mobile DTV, DVB-H and DVB-T using legacy DVB-T RF receivers

Mobile DTV Viewer for DVB (DVB-H and DVB-T) is an advanced application designed to enable you watch up to 3 programs inside a multiplex simultaneously. Mobile DTV Viewer for DVB will fascinate you with its straight forward use, its ability of watching a program while 2 further programs run in background and its ability to display also the mobile TV programs broadcasted via DVB-H beside the legacy DVB-T programs.
Here are some key features of "Mobile DTV Viewer for DVB":

· Watch Mobile TV and Digital TV services simultaneously on a laptop, netbook or PC
· Uses a legacy ATSC receiver for watching ATSC M/H and ATSC
· Uses a legacy DVB-T receiver for watching DVB-H and DVB-T
· Watch up to 3 TV programs inside a channel simultaneously


· ATSC or DVB-T receiver


· 7 days trial

Download: Mobile DTV Viewer for DVB


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