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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Inspyder Web2Disk 3.1.0

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Web2Disk is a Windows based utility that will allows you to download an entire site, including images, style sheets and other embedded content, to your PC for offline browsing.

Web2Disk automatically updates the content it downloads to allow offline browsing. Web2Disk can download dynamic websites by automatically adjusting filenames and internal links. Even if the site you want to download is complex, Web2Disk can handle it.

Web2Disk is a web crawler so it saves the pages that your browser would get when browsing normally. Web2Disk is compatible with Apache, IIS and other web server software. It can download websites created by PHP, ASP, JSP, or other technologies. Just enter a URL and let Web2Disk do the rest.

Web2Disk can even download and save password protected content, allowing you to save pay-per-access content for later. Scheduled operation is great for commuters; download the news before you get on the train!

Here are some key features of "Inspyder Web2Disk":

· Easy to Use - Just enter a website URL and go!
· Offline Browsing - Web2Disk fixes downloaded content for easy offline browsing.
· Scheduled Website Downloads - Take a website with you where no Internet connection is available!
· Download Dynamic Pages - Download database driven websites with ease. Web2Disk converts dynamic content to static content for offline browsing.
· Powerful Filtering - Save bandwidth by excluding the files, pages and folders you don't need.


· Microsoft .NET Runtime Version 2.0
· 1Ghz Pentium III CPU
· 256MB RAM
· 20MB of available hard disk space


· Number of Website Configurations (Projects) 1
· Nag Screen
· Scheduled Website Downloads disabled
· Command-Line Interface unavailable

Size : 15.1 MB

OS: Windows All

Download : Inspyder Web2Disk 3.1.0


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