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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Download Online TVx 2.2.0

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Online TVx 2.2.0
Online TV program is envisaged for watching online TV channels. Currently the program includes more than 1000 channels and this number increasing regularly. All those TV channels are alive and updated daily. If you find any channel that doesn’t work or send error, please report us. Online TVx doesn’t require a TV tuner card, satellite receiver or other equipment to watch the channels. All you need is Internet connection, since all the channels integrated in the program are broadcasted over the Internet.

Together with its comprehensive list of features, Online TVx remains very user-friendly: clear, simple interface and quick navigation. Screen window of the program can be set to any size you need, including full screen mode. Online TVx is 100% free with free live updates. Integrated search of the program can be used to quickly jump to the channels you need. You can also add those to your favourites list to watch them on a daily basis.


1000+ TV channels

* Sky News
* Eurosport
* Cartoon Network

Filter by Countries

* UK
* Canada
* France
* Germany
* ...more than 80 countries

Filter by Genre

* Entertainment
* Kids
* Live
* Movie
* Music
* News
* Religion
* Sport

Integrated search

* Search for the channels you want to watch within the whole list

Channels Menu
Show countries - shows the country name next to the respective country flag in the channels list. Show bitrate - shows the bitrate next to the channel in the channels list Check for updates - checks for available channel updates

Tools Menu

Stay above windows - sticks Online TVx above all windows. Settings - the Online TV program settings consist of two tabs: General: set language and restart the program for changes to take effect.
Updates: by default Online TVx is set to automatically update the program and the channel list. You can change it as you like.

Program Informations
Developer Ruel Pagayo

Price And Size
4.5MB Free

Date Add
September 17, 2010

Download: Online TVx 2.2.0


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