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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Download eJukebox 5.33

Thursday, September 23, 2010

eJukebox screenshot 1 - eJukebox features an interactive interface that allows you to graphically browse your music collection along with its album art.

Easy Solution for Your Large Digital Music / Video Collection

E-Jukebox merges your audio and video files with optional youtube results in a fast database with a customizable interface. You can search, list, queue and play your music and videos. eJukebox is an audio player with collection browser and ID3 tag editor.

It automatically finds album art for your songs and can import your CD collection. It lets you set criteria for what to play when the playlist is empty. It gives you a full album listing with automatic album cover art.

Features an open file skin system that lets you customize everything from the button colors, css on the lists, png elemtents and the other graphical files that make up the interface. Browse the web for related info in popup free web browser.

Control EJukebox's playback and search the database from any web browser. Lock the interface full screen and set options for public usage. EJukebox remembers how often each song is played so you can switch to Popularity Mode to have it automatically play your favorite songs when there are no songs in the playlist.

You can also filter this playback more using the optional 5 star rating system. In addition you can have e-Jukebox autoplay songs from playlists files or bookmarks that you have created. Plus, e-Jukebox's Welcome Screen gives you a Billboard style listing of your Top 10 most popular / picked artists, songs, and albums.

While browsing your music collection, EJukebox allows you to quickly view all songs by an artist / album grouped by their respective album cover image - by simply clicking any artist or album name that appears on screen.

Plus the ability to view all of your albums from one interactive scrollable list. It also includes; fast searching, a powerfull ID3 Tag Editor, custom Bookmarking, Drag and Drop Albums to the Playlist, Touch screen mode, Kiosk Mode (Great for Partys and other Public Events) and the optional 2Web Feature for controlling EJukebox remotely.

In addition, you can surf the internet inside e-Jukebox and get all the info you need about an artist, album or song, including Lyrics, with a click.

Here are some key features of "eJukebox":

· Automatically Displays Album Cover Art for your songs. Uses album art encoded in MP3 ID3 tag, cover.jpg or folder.jpg if exists. Otherwise it will automatically lookup high quality art based on the artist and album name or the artist and song title if an album name is not known yet.
· Automated music library import for MP3, MPC, OGG, M4A, WMA, OGG, APE, AAC. Song information is determined for files without ID3 tags by the file name. i.e. track - artist - title.xxx
· Fast CD Import / Mp3 Ripper Automatic full ID3 tagging with album cover art with track details based on Automaitc CDDB info.
AutoPlay Modes:
· AutoPlay Modes go into effect when there are no songs in the playlist and will continuously play until you play or add a song to the playlist. Song selection is randomized and restricted based on time/date last played, so you will always hear a song you haven't heard in awhile.
· Popularity Play Mode: Automatically have songs played based on how often you have played them before or via the optional 5 star rating system (or a Hybrid of both). You select the level of popularity and it lets you know how many songs will be used.
· Custom Play Mode: Use Auto List Builder / AutoPlay Mixer for advanced playlist creation or use old Custom mode to automatically have songs played based on your and/or/not query on the Title, Artist, Album, Genre, Year fields in the music database. It lets you know how many songs match your query and will be used.
· Bookmark Mode: Automatically have songs played from eJukebox bookmarks or playlist files.
· Comprehensive Kiosk Mode for parties or public places where you do not want the rest of the computer accessible.
· Optional 2Web Interface for controlling eJukebox remotely from a web browser on a local network or across the internet. PocketPC Compatible.
· Extensive Song Information/ID3 Tag Editor.
· Winamp Visualization and DSP plugin support. Shoutcast Internet Radio Support.
· 3D Album Carousel allows rotational viewing of top albums by artist or category when album list closed.
· Album List allows viewing all albums with cover images seperated by artist name or in a grid style. Customize the album list look from the albums options button.
· Song List shows songs sorted by Artist -> Album -> Track# and displays cover images next to albums. View Genre / Year / Most Popular, Artist, Album, or Custom Search song lists.
· Artist List allows for viewing all your artists in a long scrollable list.
· Real-Time Top10 Style Listing of your most played songs, artists and albums.
· Drag and Drop Artists, Albums or Songs to Playlist. Maintains track order for dropped Albums.
· User Created Skins Supported.
· Enjoy relevant Customizable Internet Links such as lyrics, artist pictures, music videos, album and artist info for each track via right click.
· Print Song Lists with full graphical formatting.
· Bookmark Songs to custom categories
· Optional synthesized Voice Announce of current song's title and artist.


· Internet Explorer 5.5 or Higher
· PentiumII 500 Mhz
· 64MB RAM
· 800 x 600 Display
· Sound card
· 50MB free space


· 15 days trial
· nag screen

Size : 13.3 MB

Download : eJukebox 5.33


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